Forward Clinical Trials

Forward Clinical Trials, Inc. is a clinical research facility located in Tampa, Florida, and has been actively involved in clinical research since 2013.  Our goal is to provide high-quality and timely data in a professional and ethical manner.   Forward Clinical Trials (“FCT”) has successfully executed Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials across multiple areas of dermatology and is expanding into internal medicine and rheumatology.

As a quality-driven site, Forward Clinical Trials has established processes to address the increasing complexities of clinical research.


Efficient Start-Up

We understand the necessity to shorten the trial start-up time at the clinical site. FCT has streamlined its processes to meet the ever-increasing demands of enrollment readiness and prompt subject screening timelines with in-house staff completing regulatory submissions, contract and budget negotiations, training, and trial logistics in a collaborative and systematic manner.


Recruitment and Outreach

Our teams work together to develop pre-screening and recruitment strategies to target the population, decrease enrollment obstacles, and lessen the enrollment time.  Efforts are made to identify the most productive and cost-effective method specific to the indication, and a recruitment plan is created.  The recruitment plan is continually reviewed throughout the trial, and adjustments are made as needed.


Project Management

Trial execution and logistics are coordinated by experienced management involved in all aspects of the clinical trial.  This involves working directly with the Investigator and staff to ensure efficient start-up, QA/QC plans, and recruitment/outreach proposals in a productive manner while acting as a direct liaison to the Sponsor and/or CRO.


Protocol Feasibility

FCT performs an internal feasibility review that includes protocol analysis, patient population, trial logistics, and study design to direct identification and selection of trials where expectations are met or exceeded.    We understand the importance of the feasibility process at both the Site and the Sponsor level and remain focused on fostering a partnership between our Site and our Sponsors.


Quality Management

The multi-faceted quality management program is designed to shorten data entry timelines and decrease queries while remaining focused on protocol compliance and subject safety.


Investigative Staff

Medical Director and Principal Investigator, Seth Forman, M.D., is a board-certified dermatologist active in both private practice and clinical research.  Dr. Forman is the lead Principal Investigator with a focus on innovative, therapeutic treatments.  This has led not only into clinical research, but also into completion and publication of peer review articles and chapters.  Clinical research is an integral part of his active private practice which provides him an opportunity to offer alternatives to his own patients and to have a personal involvement in potential treatments for difficult-to-treat populations.


Dr. Bernard Germain is board-certified in internal medicine and rheumatology.  Dr. Germain has a long history of involvement in clinical trials in both academic and industry-directed trials.  Dr. Germain’s primary focus in clinical research has been rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory illnesses.  Along with clinical research, Dr. Germain maintains an active private practice that allows direct access to these populations.